In over twenty years, Matt has shot in Mexico, France several times, Germany, Ukraine, the UK, Iceland, Chad, Uganda, Sudan, South Sudan, South Africa and Thailand. 

Matt Kohn’s second feature documentary is in progress. Matt spent two years filming Manute Bol in his home country and many more years completing his story with his family and friends. When complete, OUR TALL MAN will tell the story of NBA star Manute Bol in war-torn Sudan.

Matt's first feature documentary CALL IT DEMOCRACY premiered at the Palm Springs Film Festival and has been continuously screening on networks and online since. 

SITE SPECIFIC: THE LEGACY OF REGIONAL MODERNISM premiered at the Sarasota Film Festival and toured the architectural community for Metropolis magazine's 25th anniversary.  Watch it on the Client Page.

Matt shot parts of the Academy Award short listed HBO film HEART OF A DOG for Laurie Anderson, as well as her projects Delusion and Habeus Corpus, featuring a former Guantanamo Bay detainee.

Matt's edited 15 short films for the Guggenheim and produced CHARLIE VICTOR ROMEO, the first 3D Feature Film at the Sundance Film Festival. The film re-enacts blackbox recordings to harrowing effect. 

For more than 10 years,Matt has curated guests for his monthly film screening series, Speakeasy Cinema, awarded Village Voice’s “Best of NY 2016.” for the category of “film date night.” 

Matt authored LAKE SUCCESS (Soft Skull Press) a book of poetry and lyrics from two performance art bands he led. Matt performed his poems while even-now-still-pro musicians created a fusion of punk and soundtrack.

After touring the US reading his poetry, he concentrated on feature length fiction screenplays, the direction he continues until now.  He occasionally blogs about politics and film for the Huffington Post. Matt graduated Brandeis University with a degree in Political Science, with an emphasis in film studies and feminist political theory. In 2019, he re-read a lot of his old papers and isn’t surprised to find that they explain a lot about the world we live in now.

Matt shoots most of his documentary and short film work, including music videos, with a Netflix compatible 4K package. Experience has simply brought him to a place where producing, direction and shooting feel like the same thing. Matt also edits for hire.